Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet Bar

Oooooh how I love sweets! My mother in law jokes with me when she visits and says " I know you have candy, where is it hiding?" and you know what?....she is 100% right! Ever since I was a little girl I have had the biggest sweet tooth ever!!
One of our packages is event design which includes the option of a sweet bar and 90% of our clients always are up for it.
We always make each bar different and reflect the wedding and couples personality as they are most likely the wedding favor.
Over the years we have collected tons and tons of jars and even though we have a full stock we are constantly on the look out for new ones that have unique shapes, colors, sizes etc.
If your thinking of utilizing a sweet bar for your big day or even shower please contact us for rates. We can work with any budget and can create a bar from just a few to over 16 foot table of candy =)

Here are a few images of our displays and jars!!

-Just Say Yes Events!

Our most recent shipment of jars!! We <3 them all!

Owner and Creative Director Barbara Mouradian was wed this June and had a 16 foot sweet bar of everything CHOCOLATE!!
The signs were custom by their calligrapher to match the escort cards and invitations so that everything was cohesive.

Spring sweet bar custom designed for FLOUR Cake & Pastry located in Oak Park. Every season FLOUR participates in a pastry market and we are pleased to have the opportunity to design their gorgeous displays! This was their Spring 2010 display.

Here is another gorgeous display designed by Just Say Yes Events for FLOUR Cake & Pastry. This event was for Valentines 2010.

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