Saturday, July 17, 2010

Honeymoon Game

My husband and I live rather busy lives as he is a Senior Art Director, I'm a business owner and we have three children...PHEW!
When it came time to plan our honeymoon we had no idea where to go. Our original idea was to fly into Barcelona and travel all over Spain taking a day trip into Morocco. That like I said was our Original idea...There have been about 100 since that one from Thailand to Australia and everything in between.
One evening we were discussing our honeymoon yet again and where and when we would go. My daughter Kayla who is 9 years old now said "Hey, why don't you write all the places you want to go and I will pick one. No matter what you have to go there"
At first I hesitated but then I thought we we take a month off every year and travel all over the world so why not! It might actually be a fun adventure and were always up for adventures.
We wrote all the places in the world we would want to go! The entire world was literally in that glass globe from Thailand, Sydney, Cape Town, Egypt to Dublin and everything in between!!
All the cards went in along with a few blank cards which meant that we had to get a giant map and throw darts at it.

........DRUM ROLL

Our three children each selected a card and they were:

Jeremy.... Cape Town
Kayla.... Amsterdam
Noah.... Australia, Sydney

We then put those three in the jar and my husband Daniel selected ONE!


We are going to.... AMSTERDAM in the Netherlands.
Okay so our plan is to fly into Amsterdam and basically do a tour like we did last year. This trip we are heading to Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Bruges & Brussels. We leave this October after my last fall wedding and will be gone for three weeks. Next year we plan on visiting Greece, Egypt and Hawaii with the children.
When planning your Honeymoon...Think outside the box. You might find a location that isn't necessarily your typical honeymoon destination. Also think of time of year, we are leaving in October when all the crowds are gone but October fest in Germany is in full swing!! It pays off to do a little research on different destinations.

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