Friday, October 23, 2009

Studio This Is Photography

As I mentioned in a prior post I will be getting married as-well in June of 2010. One would think that being a planner this would be much easier, unfortunately it has not. Being in the industry and having many connections with vendors has helped of course but I am striving to make it "Different". We scoured my preferred vendor list for "Just Say Yes Events", magazines, online and recommendations from my vendor friends. Finally late one night after hours of searching I came across Studio This Is Photography. My fiancee was sitting beside me and all I was saying was "Oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god"....."Yahtzee". We immediately booked a consultation with them and had a wonderful connection. They met with us for almost 2 hours to discuss what we wanted regarding look, style & feel. They took time out to find out who we were and what our story was and that meant alot to us. We did not feel like just another client to them and that was extremely important. On your wedding day you spend the most time with your photographers & Bridal party. If you do not have a great connection this may cause unneeded stress. Studio This is won our hearts and we are very excited to begin the planning process with them. The next step will be My fiancee & I as-well as a few people from Studio This Is having a nice dinner in the city. They would like to find out more about Daniel & I....Which is amazing!

I think they are phenomenal and wanted to share them with all my followers & clients!

-Barbara Medina

All photos by: Studio This Is Photography.

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