Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Lily is one very lucky little girl I must say. I had the opportunity to work closely with my good friend Nicole Chibnik from Flour Cake & Pastry for her daughter's 2nd birthday party. Nicole had an ice cream theme in mind and wanted something very pretty and modern.

There is so much to talk about for this pint sized birthday that I have added descriptions to the images. We hope you think outside the box and hope we inspire you to plan something special. Please click images to enlarge and all photos are ©Just Say Yes Events!

The event was held in a private tenant event space offered by the Palmolive building. On our initial walk through I spied a gorgeous modern round black table in the foyer that had candy buffet written all over it. For some time now I have been wanting to design a candy buffet on a round versus the usual banquet size table to try something different. Nicole and I ran all over the city brainstorming together for a centerpiece & candy. When you think of candy buffet you think candy of course so we used GIANT versions of lollipops for the centerpiece and kept all jars glass so the vibrant candy was visible. The candy had to be vibrant so we went with twist lollipops, gumballs, starbursts, pixie sticks, hard candies, skittles & Nicole made custom chocolate lollipops to match the invitation. I think back to when I was a child and this candy buffet would have been absolute heaven. It was a huge hit with both the children and adults but most importantly Lily loved it.

Table Design:
We kept it very modern, simple & pink of course. The event space is divided into three rooms all in a row with large open doorways. With such a large or should I say long space we knew a very long table would be perfect. Nicole needed to sit at least 30 guests at the main table and an additional two 60" rounds that would seat 8 guests tucked in the windows overlooking the street below. All tables were covered with a bright pink satin linen and all chairs, plates, cups & balloons would be white. While designing this birthday we had a go big or go home attitude and ordered extra large 40" balloons to hover over the main table in a row, which took quite a bit of helium I might add. To hold these down I used a balloon weight tucked into a glass cylinder vase that was then surrounded by gumballs. Nicole being a pastry chef custom made candy bars for every place setting using the graphic that was on the invitation. Instead of place cards each place setting received a personalized ice cream cone cookie with guest name.
This was a very simple and modern design but packed some punch with just one main accent color....PINK!

Lily's Play Space: For all those parents who have attended a kid's birthday party, you know it's best that the children have their own area. The venue space had two additional rooms flanking the main space so we utilized one as the play space and the other for the adults food buffet & lounge.
Nicole purchased two awesome kid size table in white with twelve chairs in different colors which we placed towards the front of the room as the focal point. The center of the room remained clear since there would be games, face painting, pinata & more for the children. As a mother of three I knew we had to have kid friendly food & beverages so we set up one food station along with one drink station. It was a huge hit since smaller children are usually picky eaters ;)

Details: *Sigh* Oh how I love details.
Nicole is the owner and pastry chef for Flour Cake & Pastry so we knew the cake was taken care of. She out did herself and re-created an exact replica of the ice cream pint invitation. Honestly it was the coolest cake I have seen in a while and so excited that it would be the centerpiece of the main room. To make it just a bit more special Nicole made white chocolate dipped pretzels & sable cookies to compliment the cake. We also brought in taffy apples & french macaroons all in bright colors that we pulled from the invitation.
Let's talk ice cream!! what ice cream themed birthday with be complete without it's very own real life size ice cream cart.....YES, that's right we brought in a huge ice cream cart stuffed with all your old favorite ice cream bars from Good Humor. Little Miss Lily will turn 3 years old in August of 2011 and I am already looking forward to it. She is my new little friend =)

-Just Say Yes Events!

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