Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashionably warm

Are you getting married in the fall or winter possibly outdoors or in a tent?? I have the perfect item for you. On a recent trip to one of my favorite vendors, Classic Party Rental in LaGrange I found something special. We normally heat tents or outdoor weddings & events with space heaters that look like giant flying saucers. They get the job done, keep everyone warm and toasty while outdoors. Kindle has solved our design dilemma coming up with fabulous covers that resemble giant lamps!
We are completely obsessed with these covers..wait....wait it gets even better! Small LED lights are placed inside the covers changing the lamps to whatever color you desire. They are absolutely fabulous and we are so excited to share them with everyone!

If you would like additional information on these please contact:
Classic Party Rentals
9480 W 55th Street
McCook Il 60525
P: 708.485.8709
F: 708.352.0909

Just Say Yes Events!

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